Welcome To DMI Singapore. With over 15 years of consolidated experience in the shipping industry, with technical support from our engineering arm, Diesel Offshore Engineering. We have provided our valued customers with top-notch products and services over the years at highly competitive prices.

With a strong network of industry contacts and suppliers, we are able to satisfy most if not all of the industry needs.

piston CROWN/ skirt

DMI has been successful in combining welding techniques with chromium plating process for the reconditioning of worn steel piston crowns of both slow and medium speed engines. Lloyds classification can be arranged if required. 

Piston skirts are refurbished by replacing the worn rider bands and final machining to the original specifications.

cylinder head & cover

Main engine cylinder covers with burnt, eroded and cracked areas can be effectively rectified by welding & machining. If required, machining of entire combustion surface to expose all cooling bores & repair all visible cracks found by submerged arc welding & machining as per DMI approved procedures to original specifications. Lloyds classification can be arranged if required.

valve cage.jpg

valve cage

Cast steel valve cage recondition by resurfacing valve contact surface with stellite overlay or chopping off worn section and welding a new replacement stellite seat ring in place.